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[3.06] the Parking Garage
Premiered: 10/30/91
Writer(s): Larry David
Director: Tom Cherones
After shopping at a New Jersey mall, the gang can't find Kramer's car. Kramer is carrying an air-conditioner, Elaine has a live goldfish in a plastic bag, Jerry has to pee, and George has to meet his parents in Manhattan. At Kramer's urging, Jerry and George urinate in the garage, and they both get busted.
- Seinfeld Forever

Characters appearing in episode
Cosmo Kramer . Elaine Benes . George Costanza . Jerry Seinfeld
First, Only, Lasts
First episode not filmed in front of a live audience
First of Kramer's "giddyups!"
Last episode not to show Jerry's apartment
A Friend of Kramer
Spector, a friend of Kramer's, doesn't date women less than two hundred and fifty pounds
Medical Conditions/Diseases
Jerry says he has "uromisitisis Poisoning"
Run-Ins with the Law
George and Jerry get busted for urinating in the parking garage. Jerry tells the cop that his dad just returned from a 14-year stint in a red Chinese prison
Society Commentary
(Too much urinary freedom?)
Kramer: Why don't you go behind one of these cars?
Jerry: Maybe I should just go anytime I get the urge like you...wherever I am. There's too much urinary freedom in this society. I'm proud to hold it in. It builds character.
4.500 / 4.146
What a great episode ... and no apartment in sight! Note how the foursome's characteristics start getting more and more exaggerated the longer they stay in the parking lot. Elaine gets more and more verbally abusive, George becomes more and more depressed, Jerry gets more passive - egging on people and getting talked into public peeing, whereas Kramer remains oddly cool throughout. By the way, Kramer parked in Orange 23 and this is the 23rd episode. Coincidence?

Seinfeld Forever
4.284 / 4.146
A must-see. The gang's traits erupt big-time as a bunker mentality sets in.

4.000 / 4.146
KRAMER'S IN CONVERSE HI-TOPS! And green/pink ones at that. A nice change-of-location, much like the earlier episode "the Chinese restaurant" only this time instead of the whole show being at the restaurant, the whole show takes place at a mall's parking garage. Each of the characters are good individually making this a classic, if not legendary Sein.

richard costanza
3.800 / 4.146
Another exercise in sitcom conceit, along the lines of The Chinese Restaurant. I wish there were more of these, not because they push any boundaries for sitcoms, but because the ideas behind them are always so common and identifiable. Larry David said it was very difficult to write this one, and I take him at his word, and value it accordingly.

George: Guy goes to pee, never comes back. It's like a science-fiction story.
added by Stanus
Jerry: You should always bring a pad and a pen.
George: I can't carry a pen. I'm afraid I'll puncture my scrotum.
added by Seinfeld Forever
Jerry: Maybe it's not on this level.
George: What?
Jerry: There's four different levels. Maybe we're on the wrong level. How long was the elevator ride up?
Elaine: It felt like a couple of levels.
Jerry: You should always bring a pad and a pen.
George: I can't carry a pen. I'm afraid I'll puncture my scrotum.
added by Stever

Beautiful Mistake
The ending scene - where Kramer's car doesn't start - was completely unscripted. In fact, the original final scene wasn't even filmed after this mistake occured.
added by Stanus

Real Comedy
Michael Richards asked that a real air conditioner be used for his scenes.
added by Stanus

The sets for Jerry's apartment and Monk's Diner were completely deconstructed in order to make the garage set.
added by Stanus

The Bearded Man
Larry Charles, a producer and writer of Seinfeld, appears as the bearded man Elaine asks for help.
added by Stanus

Cut From Syndication
Jerry's stand up on the look back - a sure sign someone is lost.
added by Stanus

Larry David was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding writing for the Parking Garage.
added by Stanus

Deleted Scene
Elaine rants about terrible drivers getting driver's licenses.
added by Stanus